Hardi Plank is a cement fibre board product made of cement, silica, and other components.  It can be custom painted to any colour you want and also comes in factory based colours ready to install.  The ColorPlus Hardi has a 15 year limited warranty.


Vinyl Siding comes in a verity of colours, texture, and styles.  From vertical, Horizontal, Board & Baton to Vinyl scallops & shakes depending what you are looking for.  Vinyl is very hardy againstweather, and comes with a 20 - 30 year pro rated warranty dependant on the product. 


Certain Teed - also a Cement Fibre Board is usually a special product custom ordered has one of the longest warranties and strongest finishes.  Dependant on the product you order Cetainteed can have anywhere from a 15 - 50 year warranty.


Canexcel - extremely hard finish.  Variety of colours, Canadian Born company for 40 years5/50 year warranty.



Cedar, Natural wood - can withstand years and years of extreme weather.  Typically used in moist climates.  Cedar requires special care but is on of the most natural product you can put on an exterior dwelling



Aluminum Easy Trim rain guard exterior insulation wrap,


There are many other great product on the market.  Please feel free to contact us with the button below if you should have any questions.